Questions & Answers

1. What’s our vision?

 Global unity, understanding and friendship through the cultural arts.

2. What has the organization accomplished?

 We have been a very active cultural arts organization for many years and have cultural contacts all over the world. It runs the gamut as to the full scope of activities that we have done globally. It could include: assembling artists to talk in small cafes in the East Village of New York City to creating a grand jazz salon in a penthouse, from collecting art supplies for children in a homeless shelter… to giving a first class art exhibit for the mentally challenged, from airlifting children to Stockholm to participate in a world children’s conference to creating a vertical art salon in a fourteenth century tower in Germany, from creating an exhibit of art at the World Conference of Indigenous people at the UN in Geneva, from taking four hundred underprivileged kids to a Broadway show. We simplynever stop. Now soon, we will launch the most important cultural institution in the world on a ship that will travel the globe spending time in cities world wide.

 3. What are the future plans for the ARTS OLYMPUS?

 The Arts Olympus will become the first truly world cultural center that will belong to the people of the world and travel and spent time in all destinations world wide on a ship. When the ship arrives in port, performers of all nations will create an international display of culture in venues throughout the city. This global humanitarian event will be the most far reaching cultural institution in history, using the latest technology in the internet that will include a continuous convergence of media via television, radio, and Internet. The world’s hopes, dreams and aspirations for global goodwill will be captured, documented and celebrated in an ongoing cultural mosaic of arts that will emanate from the most unique ocean-going vessel in history.

 4. What was the 2010 WORLD ARTS OLYMPUS?

 This was a four day world press launch on the most famous ship in the world the Queen Mary. This event took place June 17, 18, 19. We replicated on the Queen Mary what will happen on our traveling ship with performances taking place in all venues. The LOS ANGELES TIMES gave the event four and a half stars out of five. We also presented the first Olympus Gold Medals to people in the arts for their outstanding humanitarian work. Our ultimate goal is to make this award as powerful as the Nobel Peace Prize for people in the arts.

 5. What countries are involved?

 We want to create an opportunity for all countries to participate as we are inclusive not exclusive.

 6. Why is this event any different than any other festival?

 The difference between our international traveling event and a local festival is that we will have a physical presence in multiple cities throughout the world as our ship drops anchor and spends time in destinations world wide.

 7. What talent is scheduled to appear?

 The Arts Olympus will be an invitation for all countries to send their most powerful representation in all areas of the cultural arts. We wish to celebrate the unique qualities that each culture has.

 8. Where is the funding coming from?

 Private contribution, corporate sponsors, country participation, grants, merchandising, collaboration with countries to develop and promote cultural tourism and TV royalties.

 9. What part of the event will be on the Internet?

 The site will be an outstanding arts networking platform. Video and audio streaming from locations globally will be a big part of our internet broadcasts. This will also be a wonderful opportunity for individuals and groups making a positive difference in the world to participate. Creative expression and thoughts through all forms of the arts will be captured digitally and linked up with others world wide. In essence, the Arts Olympus will “co-produce” with the public an endless broadcasting opportunity.

 10. Will this broadcast on television as well?

 Most certainly, a few years ago when we were still in our planning stages we were picked out of the thousands attending the largest television convention in the world to speak of the strong potential the Arts Olympus will have for television content. We have since established strong television contacts that span entire continents.

 11. What will the Arts Olympus do with the moneys raised through contributions and other funding sources?

 First of all it will pay expenses to run our ship. The Arts Olympus will have art exhibits, dance and music concerts, film festivals, children’s arts, educational programming, endless culturally related activities, continuous seminars on environmental and humanitarian issues, all free to the public. Plus an abundance of international television and internet programming made available to an audience of millions globally.

 12. How did the idea of the Arts Olympus originate?

 The founder and president, Robert Slaughter had a passion for bring people together of all cultures and walks of life at his Art Salons. He is known in New York City for these artistic gatherings that he has now done all over the world. These Art Salons grew to such an extent that he has had incredible locations offered to him for these events that could include outstanding live performances. People have been known to come great distances to attend and leave their mark at his Art Salons that includes signing his jacket covered with artists signatures. It is his passion and drive to launch a “Ship of Global Goodwill” that will truly be the biggest salon he has ever done that will reach out to entire populations of people world wide in an effort of global harmony through the arts.

 13. What can I expect on the cruise?

 First of all, History will be made with this voyage. It will be broadcast to millions world wide and you will be there. You’ll have fun meeting and making friends with people from all continents. Dinner will be vibrant with brilliant conversation on subjects on a global scale. This uplifting and life changing experience will give opportunity to interact with people of all cultures and organizations that are making a positive difference in the world. UNITING NATIONS in the arts there will be nonstop performances representing cultures from around the world in venues through out the ship.