Cruise Info

Come join this life changing experience on a ship like none other!

The Arts Olympus will soon announce its launch date for a seven day voyage from New York to Bermuda and back. All the world will be watching us as we broadcast live performances and intellectual content from a ship that will reach out to an audience of millions. You too can be there as we unite people of all nations in global goodwill. We have opened the door to a limited number of passengers to participate in this exceptional cruise hosted by our founder Robert Slaughter, artists and socially conscious organizations assembled from all parts of the globe. Meet people of the world, experience music and dance of many cultures, art salons, ethnic cooking classes, an international documentary film fest and seminars ranging from world hunger to the environment. Be a part of life. Be a part of people making a difference. Be a part of a once in a lifetime experience but most important…….be a part of this global goodwill cruise like none other.

All through the cruise the ship will pulsate with brilliant displays of culture and mind challenging opportunities. However, many of you will want to break away from time to time to enjoy the pleasures of our ship’s five star amenities. We’ll be taking you to beautiful Bermuda, known as the tropical island with a decidedly British flair.

Once in port many of our performers will use local venues to perform for the public free. This will also afford many opportunities for our passengers to interact with local performers as well as organizations. However, you will also want to take time to explore this tiny island paradise.

Our first port is historic St. George (est. 1612) which is known as a charming UNESCO World Heritage Site. Brimming with British charm, you’ll find stone buildings, neatly bricked streets, prominently displayed heraldic signs and old historical British strongholds that protected Bermuda through the centuries. One of the many sights you won’t want to miss is Fort Catherine that interestingly enough houses breathtaking replicas of the Britain’s Crown Jewels.

The next port on the cruise is vibrant Hamilton, a city with pastel-colored storefronts that offers something for everyone. You’ll find that the proper business attire here is Bermuda shorts, cricket is the national sport and afternoon tea with fine china and linens goes without saying. Highlights are the famous pink beaches and secluded coves of South Shore Park. You won’t want to miss wondering into the quaint shops and boutiques. Take the time to stroll around and make your own discoveries of this cities rich colonial history.

You won’t want to miss this unique experience on a cruise like no other in the world. Our ship will be a virtual floating World’s Fair of the Arts. People of all cultures and nations will be performing in venues throughout the ship that will have on display a multi million dollar art and antique collection. We will be showing an on going international film festival of documentaries of people and organizations making a difference in the world. Dinners will be vibrant with conversation covering endless topics on an international scale. Make new friends and outstanding contacts from all parts of the globe. Be a part of this unique experience as we make history broadcasting live what will be followed by audiences all over the globe. All tickets are tax deductible. Monies raised help to sponsor this premium cruise.