Past Accomplishments

church1%2D3The ARTS OLYMPUS has brought together thousands of people through many different programs. These include global Art Salons, concerts, exhibits and events that encourage the development of creativity in all people, young or old, as well as giving opportunity to the mentally or physically challenged. We foster a pride in the uniqueness of people and their culture. In the next few pages we have pulled some random photos and explanations of events that give a good idea of the scope and range of past events worldwide.

Holly%2DHockUNITED NATIONS, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, was the location for the World Conference of Indigenous People at the United Nations. We were invited as delegates to attend and participated with Grace Collins (director of the Museum of Compassion) to create and hang an art exhibit of work done by the homeless. After the event, we staged an evening Salon at the Café du Grutli that is centered in the heart of the cultural district in old town Geneva. Creative minds from the local arts community, as well as visiting members of the World Conference of Indigenous People, had the opportunity to meet. Entertainment, as well interesting conversation, exposed cultural differences and created new friendships with people assembled from all parts of the world.



Some of our programs are designed to get art supplies for kids to be creative. This has been named Art Supplies for Kids or ASK. At many of our salons, we will collect art supplies from those who attend, similar to a canned food drive. We then give the supplies to shelters for homeless families. Another project that we have created is very similar to Toys for Tots but, instead of toys, we collect art supplies. We supply barrels that kids decorate and then we put them in art supply stores for donations of crayons,

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NEW YORK CITY staged an exciting salon in a unique and wonderful space donated by the Angel Orensanz Foundation. The evening was ecstatic with live performances representing different cultures from Asia to Africa. The Tarumi Children violinists under the direction of Yukako Tarumi brought the audience to it’s feet with applause, while the rhythms and beats of the drums from Senegal created a vibrant backdrop for the Almany Dance Ensemble. This free event was open to all people and embraced all ages and all backgrounds under one roof.


The ARTS OLYMPUS was asked to participate in the annual United Nations Correspondence Ball. The evening was an event to remember. The U.N.Corespondence Association is a global organization that covers and reports on all the activities worldwide for the U.N. Our contribution to the ball was not only to create a presence at the U.N. but to introduce the Tarumi Children Violinists to the festivities. They were a highlight of the evening and also proved to be a hit at their most recent performance at the White House. Mr. Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the U.N., gratefully shook hands with the children as well as members of the Arts Olympus.


Once a year, the UNITED NATIONS CELEBRATE with an elaborate concert in the famous General Assembly, the largest and most photographed room in the U.N. It is the only time the space is used for such a festive occasion. A stage is assembled over what would normally be the speaker’s platform and, for this one night, it is a concert hall with an international audience. The seats are filled with members of the U.N. from all departments. At a past event the Duke Ellington Foundation sponsored a concert and assembled some of the most famous names in the jazz world to grace the platform of this global stage. The Arts Olympus sponsored a grand reception salon immediately following the concert on the penthouse floor of the Dag Hammarskjold Building. With a black lacquer piano and open mike in the center of the large room, we experienced the magic of impromptu performances. The audience was in awe as they witnessed some of the world’s greatest talent only a few feet from where they were sitting.



Robert Slaughter, our founder and president, continues to do his art salons. His salon in Bangkok was a hit. Well attended by an international crowd, which included film director Oliver Stone, the room was vibrant with activity. Sponsored by one of the top restaurants in Bangkok, Robert’s magical evening took place in a glass pavilion in the heart of an exotic garden. The evening had quite a display of performances, which included a ‘Cirque du Soleil’ type presentation, with costumes influences by Japanese Kabuki. The highlight of the evening were pint-size Thai children dancing to the rhythms of an indigenous orchestra.

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The 26th Annual Korean Festival in Los Angeles was the largest Korean celebration outside of the country. That year Robert Slaughter, president of the Arts Olympus, was asked to speak at the opening day ceremony in celebration of thousands of years of Korean culture. The event has a tremendous draw. Los Angeles has the largest Korean population outside of Korea.


The Arts Olympus co-hosts the First International Humanitarian Awards in Film in New York City. Some of the top stars in the movie business showed up to support this international event that was simulcast between Hollywood, New York, and the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.


The Arts Olympus takes a delegation of children to participate in a WorldChildren’s Conference. Topics included all areas of discussion with regard to the welfare of children. This was an incredible opportunity for children to meet children from all parts of the globe. Our talented delegation created a large mural, as well as sang and danced in the Globe Arena for an audience


The salon was given in the uptown brownstone of Marcia Levine that rocked the entire neighborhood. Some of the top jazz musicians of New York City showed up for a night that from one to ten, turned out to be a twelve. The windows were open to let the breezes blow through, and at the same time, sent music out into the streets and caused in impromptu block party. People were literally dancing in the streets. Children watched with smiles from the balconies. Music brought the neighborhood together and we were thanked by young and old for making and sharing a good time for one and all.

First introduction to ballet as a former Prima Ballerina from the

Metropolitan Opera of New York shows children how it’s done.