- Creating a New Orleans style jazz processional down the streets of Harlem, NYC

  - Created a vertical Art Salon in a 14th century tower in Nuremberg, Germany

  - Assembling artists in small cafes in the East Village of NYC to talk about their art

  - Collecting art supplies for children in a homeless shelter taking in whole families

  - Hosted the first International Humanitarian Film Awards with many celebrities

  - Airlifted children to Stockholm, Sweden to perform at a world children’s conference

  - Creating a first class art exhibit in a top gallery for the mentally challenged

  - Art exhibit at the UN World Conference on Indigenous People, Geneva, Switzerland

  - Took 400 underprivileged kids to a Broadway show

The Arts Olympus is a nonprofit multinational organization with a long track record in the cultural arts. Throughout the years, the Arts Olympus has staged countless free public arts events that run the full spectrum of world culture. We produce many opportunities that educate, encourage and spark the creative imaginations of our audiences. We believe that the arts matter and that exposure to artistic expression in all forms is an important component in developing harmony of body, mind and soul, which increases the all-around vitality of individuals and groups and better enables them to perform as peaceful, joyous members of the human race.

Working smoothly to set sail this year, we are planning a seven day inaugural cruise from New York to Bermuda. This life changing event will be a ship experience like none other. Making history, we will be carrying an international film festival of socially conscious films while artists create a rich mosaic of unique cultural performances for passenger. Once we arrive in Bermuda performances will take place in venues through out the city. The whole world will be watching as we broadcast performances and intellectual meetings of the minds assembled from all parts of the earth on high definition broadcasting systems. Our purpose will be to make a positive difference in the world and we embrace all who want share our vision. So, come join the fun and witness this unique experience of a life time.

The Arts Olympus is assembling creative genius from all parts of the globe on a ship dedicated to taking world culture on tour. A traveling world’s fair of the arts, performers of all cultures and nations will embrace audiences on stages, in parks, homes for the elderly, public schools and universities in cities throughout the world. This combined with our global television and internet capabilities will enrich the lives of billions. This historical global event will not only be a milestone in global understanding, but a milestone in the minds of all who believe that world peace starts form the heart.


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Past Accomplishments | Questions & Answers | Contact Us | Donations | Our Team | Patrons

The Arts Olympus mounted a four day World Press Launch on the famous ship, the Queen Mary. Open to the public, we brought together people of many nations in a celebration of world culture that the Los Angeles Times rated four and a half stars our of five. We rocked.

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