Welcome to ArtsOlympus.org

I would like to introduce you to the ARTS OLYMPUS, an organization of artists for “earth, humanity and global goodwill” that will one day to set sail on a “Ship of Global Goodwill.” A powerful statement of hope for humanity, this vessel will travel to entire populations of people in cities worldwide to educate, entertain and celebrate cultural diversity for audiences in the thousands. ARTS & BUSINESS in London described the Arts Olympus as the “Sexiest Intercultural Event in the World.” Our press launch on the historic Queen Mary captured four and a half stars out of five in the LOS ANGELES TIMES with a dazzling display of cultural performances. “Tourists respond to the lure of culture, word spreads that art sells” reports the NEW YORK TIMES. Cultural Tourism is the fastest growing form of tourism in the world today. For over a decade we have been positioning our self globally creating practically a “United Nations of Artists.”

“I wish to sincerely congratulate you, therefore, on your efforts to unite artists around the world.” Nane Annan, wife of Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations
As the Arts Olympus prepares for this first time ever event to take to the high seas, the Arts Olympus has been searching the globe for a suitable location to create a land base “Olympus Village” where we can assemble artists to compose, rehearse, and preview programing before taking it to audiences worldwide. After searching the globe, the universe not only took us to one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Costa Rica but sent an earth Angel who gave us twenty acres so that we could realize our dream. Documented as having one of the happiest populations in the world, their Nobel Peace Prize winning President, Oscar Arias, relinquished the army and diverted funding to education. Thus, the country hosts the University of Peace, a perfect backdrop to nurture artists dedicated to “Earth, Humanity and Global Goodwill.”

Our “Olympus Village” a self-sustainable eco-friendly community will host creative genius assembled from many nations. Spectacular, exotic, and fascinating can only describe what our audiences will experience. Tourists the world over will flock to this unique creative destination and find galleries, multi-purpose black box theaters, music, art and dance studios, artist’s live work space, children’s creative center, an amphitheater, and administrative offices. Unprecedented anywhere in the world, this unique “Olympus Village” will not only be an international cultural facility and educational institution but will create jobs, stimulate commerce, and increase regional tourism.

Having acquired the land and currently working with architects, we are now half way to reaching our goal for the “Olympus Village.” However, taking us the rest of the distance, we are soon to launch a global campaign not only to raise funding but global awareness. This global outreach will consist of an international cultural celebration that we will take on world tour in shipping containers. Each container or containers, representing various countries, will be decoratively painted with flags and hanging banners while their specially designed interiors could include a mini movie theater, gallery space or a gift shop selling indigenous handy crafts. Clusters of containers will be artfully arranged in a city plaza for a viewing audience to spend a fun day touring imaginative cultural exhibits whilst all the time promoting tourism and marketing for the country. Going from port to port, the tour will find its final destination in Costa Rica at our construction site where people can come and get a sneak preview of the “Olympus Village” an international cultural hub.